Thursday, June 30, 2005

There's a mouse in my house

Or at least there was... until she trapped him in the bathroom and buried him at sea. I was trying originally to just shoo him outside with a coconut broom, but he kept hiding. Currently listening to: Larry Norman's remake (1977) of "I Think He's Hiding" by Randy Newman. LOL.

Just spent a few hours yesterday re-tooling my CD, "Don't Look Now" - I was never happy with the way it turned out. It was mostly demos recorded (literally) in my closet in Chinatown, Chicago between 1999-2000. The good thing is, I loaded Audacity on my computer and was able to edit and trim various tracks, as well as cut a couple I wasn't happy with at all. Like the title track, for instance. That's gone. The disc is now titled "Salvation Army Blues", which is also the title of the second track. Now it's a nice, tight 12 songs instead of 16. It includes a jam session with guitar wizard Harry Gore & ska band Pop's Body Shop, recorded at C'stone sometime in the late '90s.
I may post some mp3s shortly.

I'm finishing up the reissue of "Jiving Around", which should include the original 4 songs, a couple alternate versions, and some other early-to-mid '80s stuff. If I ever sign with, you know, Interscope or something, my back catalog will be ready to roll out, right? Sure. Have to buy some more blank CDs, I'm going through these like crazy! I just bought a spindle of 50, and have to buy more already!

The other night, r., l., myself and a couple others had a small going-away get-together for Dan aka Billy the Kid, as he's off to LA & NY for a couple months. He's hoping to get in on a Broadway show. Should be interesting.


Friday, June 10, 2005


since r. seems to be so captivate by dumplings of the night, as she calls them, here's a clever anagram for Northern Mariana Islands: Mandarin as harlot sinner.

Dumpling of the night becomes Do the thumping fling.

And so it goes...

Wednesday, June 8, 2005


I was hoping to go see the new Russell Crowe film, "Cinderella Man", but have decided to boycott this and all future Crowe films after his choildish outburst and attack of a hotel clerk with a telephone.

Crowe should have to do some serious thinking behind bars. I think the judge should make an example of him, and not be lenient or reduce his sentence simply because he's a "star". Considering he's a foriegn national, I'd consider him a flight risk and demand he turn over his passport.

Only when Crowe makes a truly heartfelt apology to the clerk- HOW ABOUT IN PERSON (and possibly do some community service) then he can get back to 30 Odd Foot Of Grunt or whatever.

Remember, I'm still boycotting Dave Matthews after the Chicago River incident. Did he ever apologize?