Tuesday, December 31, 2002

New Year's resolutions:

1) excercise more

2) take some college classes

3) brush up on Tagalog & Korean languages

4) try not to spend so much time online!

Monday, December 30, 2002

my current playlist, end of 2002

derri daugherty: a few unfinished songs

yoko ono: blueprint for a sunrise

shuggie otis: inspiration information

paul mccartney: driving rain

booker t. and the mg's: mclemore avenue

lost dogs: green room serenade part tour

adam again: ten songs by adam again

smashing pumpkins: machina II

moby: play

jimi hendrix: blues

red elvises: i wanna see you bellydance

shonen knife: strawberry sound

sonic youth: nyc ghosts and flowers

these are what i listen to while i'm on the computer

plus a large dose of national public radio, esp. thistle and shamrock

Sunday, December 29, 2002

i asked zhenya of the red elvises recently why he was quitting the band. he sent me this response:

I do remember that I put that on the message board. But things got heavier. I just don't see any point in playing the Red Elvises' music the way we've done it in the past 3 yrs. It became very sloppy, no rehearsals, old songs, same old "wanna get laid -six pack o beer" type of "simple" topics. I think that's over for me; my soul needs something that I could share with people when I get on stage. True words, true feelings, not just a bunch of b.s. Sorry, but it just died for me.

"I Wanna See You Bellydance" was the only song that I really enjoyed playing the most. After Avi left it was pretty much an anti-musical trip; somewhat amusing or whatever, that's all. My new project will be missing the big red balalaika bass and the beer songs but it will say what I wanted to say from the bottom of my heart.

-Zhenya Rock

watch out for a new issue of the cutting edge, published by dan kennedy in orlando. i'm thinking he'll include a review of siamese connection. go to: geocities.com/baptisboy_46
just decided to update this now... i have a lot of free time during the xmas holidays. school starts again next week but i'll try to do what i can if i'm not too tired from chasing kindergarteners around the playground, pushing them on the swing, and giving free piggy back rides (or veggie back rides, to quote homer simpson). the children pay me in spicy cheetos, so i'm not complaining!