Sunday, January 5, 2003

My wife went to Bible study tonight but I may be coming down w/ a cold so I stayed home to "rest".... work starts up again tomorrow (Monday) after a long holiday. We had a good time, going with my sister-in-law and her husband & 2 kids to a water park/buffet at a nearby hotel that was jam-packed with Japanese and Korean tourists. The tourists couldn't get to Guam because a recent typhoon knocked out a lot of essential services there, so they came to Saipan instead.

The other evenings we played Scrabble and ordered in from a local Thai restaurant. This morning a group of people from Chuuk (formerly the island of Truk) came by the house singing Christmas carols. It's the 5th of January already here but I could listen to their singing all day.

Bought Rolling Stone (w/ Eminem on the cover) and Blender(w/ "Xtina" (?) Aguilera on the front) last night... both had good reviews of Bob Dylan: Live 1975 and George Harrison: Brainwashed. Modern Drummerhad an interview w/ Abe Laboriel Jr., where he mentioned Paul McCartney leads the band in prayer before they go onstage (although I was watching VH1 awhile back and a scantily-clad "Xtina" (?) led her backing dancers in a prayer also). Hmmm.....

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