Thursday, April 17, 2003

Good Friday today; all the local businesses are closed 'cause they feel like tormenting all of their customers who aren't Catholic like them.

Bush League

(Lost Dogs, from the album "Scenic Routes")

written by Gene Eugene and Terry Taylor


I don't know what I think about it

But I know what I think of you

Well I know I can live without it

And I know what I want to do

I'll pack you a lunch, clear your desk

It's going to be hell to clean your mess

All I know is that you gotta go

I don't know what I think about it

But your bush league days are through

Will you give me a job I doubt it

Here's a bird in the hand for you

Next time you start a storm

You better get you a mess kit, canteen and uniform

Cause we feel like livin' so you've got to go

Your points of light are almost gone

So here's your yellow ribbon-burning song

For Millie and Danny and Saddam and nanny

Babs and Ronnie and Clyde and Bonnie

Clarence and Ollie and the Beave and Wally

And Maggie and Gorby and the new world ordey

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