Monday, April 28, 2003

i have been here for awhile: watching, thinking. it seems that the world is becoming increasingly more complex. we earn more money, but the money becomes worth less. we discover new medicines but new diseases spring up. we locate new food sources, yet millions of people starve while food lays rotting in storage houses.

perhaps there was a time when life was easier and there was less to think about, when there was less non-essential information to contend with. now some people talk in terms of light years. men have landed on the moon but has a man ever landed on earth? once, but we crucified him.

once we lived in houses we built with our own hands, ate the food we grew in the fields, and walked whenever we wanted to travel - but people wanted a better life. so now we are a "civilized world" with technological conviences like automobiles (to breathe) industries (to drink) and insecticides (to eat) - science presumes to replace God = with technology our bishop, chemistry our high priest, and the atom bomb our pope. scientists say that soon they will be able to create life in laboratories. i sometimes stop to wonder, did man evolve from the animals? or did man become an animal all by himself?

-Larry Norman, So Long Ago The Garden

(linear notes, 1976)

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