Tuesday, June 3, 2003

AOL/Netscape chat

You have just entered room "Diet and Nutrition Chat."

aaughrecords: Hi there, what do you want to talk about?

tbsagt: hi

aaughrecords: Hello

tbsagt: i like chocolate

aaughrecords: Tell me about yourself

tbsagt: why?

aaughrecords: I live on a small island in the Pacific, kinda boring.

tbsagt: i live on small planet in the solar system

aaughrecords: what's your favorite food?

tbsagt: chocolate

aaughrecords: thought so.

tbsagt: i´m just making fish for lunch

aaughrecords: funny, I just had fish for lunch today!

tbsagt: no wonder when you live in the pacific

tbsagt: it´s fried fish with noodles

aaughrecords: heard of tilapia?

tbsagt: no

aaughrecords: very tasty, medium sized fish- large bones, easy to remove. Good fried or grilled.

tbsagt: oh i thought it´s the island hehe

aaughrecords: the island is Saipan, like the movie "Windtalkers"

tbsagt: i must go and check my fish

aaughrecords: OK

tbsagt: not that it burns

aaughrecords: yeah!

aaughrecords: I'm assuming you're in the UK, must be noon there...

tbsagt: not too far away

aaughrecords: whereabouts?

tbsagt: germany, anyway i´m gonna eat now

aaughrecords: Guten appetit!

tbsagt: danke! hehe

tbsagt has left the room.

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