Thursday, September 4, 2003

Ok, the other night the wife and I went to Pizza Hut and wound up finishing an entire medium pan-crust black olive & mushroom pizza between us. I think I may have committed the unforgiveable sin, though, of actually (horror of horrors) re-filling my own soft drink... the server for my section kept giving me this look the whole time, you know? Ironically, I discovered while ordering that if you buy a large pizza, you get a free DVD! The choices were, Honeymoon In Vegas, Mr. Mom, All Dogs Go To Heaven, and Bill And Ted's Bogus Journey. The ironic part is, the next morning I stopped by Meitetsu grocery store to buy some orange juice and ran into (not literally) Dan Shor, who was "Billy The Kid" in the FIRST Bill & Ted movie. I told him about the DVD thing and his jaw literally dropped, then I explained it was the second one, to which he replied, "You mean the evil one"? just joking of course!

In other news, my wife and I enjoyed looking at Mars from the balcony last night.

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