Sunday, August 14, 2005

Flights of the imagination

Flew Saipan-Guam-Honolulu-Houston-Chicago recently. Not as uneventful as it sounds. After passing through Homeland Security checkpoints in Saipan, Guam and Honolulu, they were almost non-existent in Houston and Chicago.

I was supposed to travel via Newark, but was on standby and got bumped from that flight. Since I was on a "buddy pass", the airline was not required to provide accomodation so my friend and I got on the phone to nearly every cheap hotel and hostel in Honolulu, only to find out there was nothing available. We rented a car and drove around Honolulu for a few hours, and I had the experience of sleeping on a bench in a park on the east side of Oahu. The only things I had to eat were a few tacos from Taco Bell and a burger from Jack In The Box that highly disagreed with me. I had been hoping we would drop by Chinatown and find something decent there, but as I was not the one driving that didn't happen.

The in-flight movie from Guam to Honolulu was some crap called XXX:State of the Union, so I mostly tuned it out and tried to sleep. The Honolulu-Houston flight actually had the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but I was too tired to stay up for much of it.

Even though I was sent through Houston, my bags went to Newark so I had to wait an extra day for them to be sent over to Chicago. I've been jet-lagged the last couple of days, especially after the park bench in Hawaii. Bench lagged? Hmm.

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