Thursday, September 8, 2005

Greetings from land of the fake watch


I'm in Kowloon,Hong Kong. Seems you can get a fake anything here, ifyou believe the swarms ofIndian men who approach you on the street outside Chunking Mansions. Youknow, theres's a REASON companies like Rolex, Burberry, etc. have the NAME that they do - it's not just a name, it's a standard of quality. Hence, to sell a fake version seems a bit of an oxymoron, like military intelligence, friendly fire, Hong Kong weather, or American food.

Been seeing ads in Chinese for "The Brothers Grimm" on the subway.

I don't know whostarted the idea of putting condensed milk in tea and coffee here, but they should be shot.

Enough ranting for now, I leave for China first thing tomorrow.

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