Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New CDs up in the webstore

For all you who've been wondering what's up with the record label I run, Aaugh! Records, we have some new releases in stock:

"Mindless" by Arsov

Alex Arsov is a songwriter and musician from Slovenia, and this is his debut on Aaugh! For this project he teamed up with vocalists Sara J. and Boris Benko, everything else on this disc was played by Arsov (except for a couple of saxophone or viola parts on one or two songs). A few of the songs sounded like Depeche Mode to a co-worker of mine.

"Island Habitz" by Split Attitude

Split Attitude is a rock'n'reggae band fro the island of Saipan in the Pacific Ocean (Saipan's a US territory located close to Guam and the Philippines). The guys play once a week in a bar in the tourist district of Garapan, mostly covers of AC/DC, U2, Bob Marley, and some harder alternative rock bands I can't remember the name of right now. They jammed out some really good originals on this disc, mostly in English with some of the lyrics in Chamorro (including the local favorite "Pak Pak Paki" about WW2). Includes a live version of "Mr. Police Mon".


Artist: Neurobic
Title: Exercises
Release: February 2006
A dance-based collaboration between Arsov, Sara J., Housemouse, Goldlust and SHIZU'.

Artist: SHIZU'
Title: none yet
Release: March 2006
A talented young female vocalist from Japan.

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Endorsements: All our Cds are made by Kunaki, and the T-shirts are printed by Spreadshirt in the US & Europe.

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