Tuesday, July 17, 2007

List of Lasts

Last Movie I saw: Casablanca, it was on TV the other night with Korean subtitles.

Last Book I read: The Man Who Ate Everything, by Jeffrey Steingarten.

Last Meal: the aforementioned Huevos con chorizo and horchata at Taco Amigo in Seoul.

Last spin in my Ipod: Bullet With Butterfly Wings, by The Smashing Pumpkins. I played this about 12 times, while riding the KTX from Cheonan and subway in Seoul last night. I'm still blown away by the intensity of the playing on this song. Tarantula, off their new album, while a good song, seems to just TRY TOO HARD.

Last phone call: from Lisa about 30 minutes ago, saying she apologizes but she's too hung over and can't get out of bed to meet me for coffee. :-)

Last email: 5 days ago, to Mark who lives in PDX.

Last time I was infuriated: before lunch thinking of how much Americans don't really care about politics and health care, only about who won American Idol or did Paris Hilton get out of jail too soon/too late, etc. (but maybe that was just from low blood sugar)

Last really great day: today is the greatest, day i've ever known.....

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