Monday, September 21, 2009

Reflection on meeting a sociopath

Written by Ed Feldmanis.

I have met a horrible one myself.

I had the subject nailed for narcissism. He admitted to mania. I did not ask other questions for two reasons. One, I had caught him minimizing and that was good on my part. The second reason is that I had never, ever, ever, met such a smooth, almost flawless, pathological liar. It took about 3 weeks to see Narcissism, Borderline and anti-social disorders. It was frightening. He knew intimidation and psychological warfare. He finally got run off by a women who got a restraining order because he had wanted her as a lover BUT physically threatened her. Now the police can't find him.

My buddy Amber Luhtala said that she and I had a way of feeling the Personality Disorder and she was right. I simply got lost in the subject's extremely smooth pathological lying. When I discovered the fuller nature of the mixed Personality Disorder, I realized that there is a thin line between psychologically aggressive verbal violence and physical violence. I was afraid. There was an obvious mixture; part being repulsed and part being afraid for their safety. He stands about 6 foot three and has a very menacing look.

Women who are my neighbors disliked the subject's boisterousness & belittling style. They usually feared him & withdrew as much as possible. Some moved away. However, one woman, in spite of her childhood rape, was sexually attracted and "threw" herself at him. She became a snitch and of course he dropped her. She destroyed her own economic & psychological recovery.

People are truly surprised they have someone like this around; it's very confusing. Our matriarch, 81 years old, had never met anyone like this person. Most people will die without meeting this kind of person. They compare what they have known & can't come up with anything; Can't explain this level of meanness; saying he was a "serial bully" didn't cover it.

"What's wrong with him; he hasn't grown up."

"He's simply a school yard bully."

Typical Reactions. When told our subject has a mixed Axes II Disorder, people look as if it is made up. They don't believe it. "This is not a hard-wired condition."

Finally a convert said, "I knew I was staring evil in the face."

Our subject often did not dirty his hands with a nasty task. Instead he found others to do it. Some people are highly susceptible to lies, manipulation & brainwashing. However, the subject always needed an audience, wanted to be admired or had to be in the middle of a controversy.

From profile of a sociopath I witnessed these: glibness and superficial charm, manipulative and conning. grandiose sense of self, pathological lying, lack of remorse, lacks empathy, shame or guilt, shallow emotions, criminal or entrepreneurialversatility, lack of realistic life plan/parasitic lifestyle, irresponsibility/unreliability, incapacity for love, need for stimulation, goal: to create willing victim.

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