Friday, December 13, 2013

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (12 Dec 2013) : Jason Schwartzman...

Last night's episode of The Late Late Show. Includes "cold opener" with Craig & William "Bill" Shatner sitting before the fireplace, smoking cigars and pondering the great mysteries of life. I was in the studio audience for this one. Yes, that was a real cigar that Captain Kirk was smoking. Really, who on the CBS staff is gonna tell this entertainment industry icon that he can't smoke?

Had a GREAT afternoon. Craig was in top form, we did yesterday and today's shows back-to-back. William Shatner was hilarious. The Lone Bellow have a new record produced by Charlie Peacock and they were (or rather, will be) the musical guest. Michael Sheen, the Welsh actor, was another guest on and was brilliant as well.

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