Saturday, May 14, 2005

new album in the works

Now that I have the ability and software to record on my computer, I am planning a new CD, tenatively available by mid-summer. I already have about 15 or so songs or fragments thereof sitting on my hard drive that I'm planning to include. Most are instrumental numbers and will serve as interludes between other tracks. Some go as far back as 1985! I've been playing around alot with sampling, looping and layering - a drum track from here, a guitar or keyboard track from there, a vocal over the top, etc. Hopefully this will all take some sort of shape in the near future.
I'll be meeting with a few friends as well to hash out some ideas - a tin and wood shack, some cold drinks, buzzing amplifiers, a few mikes and a 4-track machine. Pete will play drums, Virgil on bass, me on guitar, Kaleko on ukulele, Manny on additional guitar, then back to my apartment to load the tapes to my hard drive & overdub (minimal). Hopefully Virgil's parakeets will add to the music. Other participants may include (nothing's definite at this point): John Torres, Felix Sasamoto, Glen Sablan, Rex Borja, Sebastian Camacho, Jerry Alcantara, A.J., Floyd Lim, Mark Lim, Lovely, Suzette, etc. We'll see what happens.

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