Saturday, May 7, 2005

land issues

In a recent Saipan Tribune story, local people are said to prefer land ownership to be held only by persons of Northern Marianas descent, meaning people who are "full blooded Chamorro and/or Carolinian". How do they determine this? Blood tests? See how much SPAM content it has? Or by your Spanish/German/Japanese/Filipino family name(s)? According to cultural anthropologists, the Chamorro race no longer exists, due to centuries of racial mixing. Anyhow, I'm quite sure determining land ownership on the basis of race and/or national origin is illegal in this country.

Another story mentioned a BBQ cookoff. I'd attend, if only they didn't turn the beef into shoe leather and chicken wasn't still pink on the inside.

Some senators recently went on a fact-finding mission to Manila. Any facts they couldn't otherwise establish at the Nagoya Star nightclub in Garapan?

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