Monday, March 16, 2009

all the restaurants in my stomach

this list will be updated periodically.



Cheonan, Korea - many meals of 감자탕 (pork-spine stew) with my Irish friend, Sean.
Busan, Korea - had (pufferfish) in a specialty restaurant, in a district of town with nothing but pufferfish restaurants. Also had one of the largest meals of my life, (Korean-style sashimi) at a place on Hyundae beach.
Fukuoka, Japan - had the Hakata ramen at some small 24-hour noodle place, and had the tortilla soup at the Hard Rock Cafe.
Manila, Philippines - had sizzling sisig at a small open-air place on Adriatico in Malate.

Cebu, Philippines -

Shenyang, China - was served 보신탕 at Korean restaurant. Also had an excellent Brazilian meal here... a definite plus was that the place brewed their own beer on the premises.

Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands - had the Poke at Abyss, a seafood restaurant. I still dream about it at night (in a good way).

more on the way...

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